Youth involvement on SRHR in emergency situation

SRHR is not limited only to a peaceful environment, it must also be available during emergency situations. On 18th December 2011 at Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, hundreds of people in the northern island of Mindanao were killed by flash floods caused by heavy rains brought by typhoon Sendong. In this tragedy, young volunteers from FPOP (Family Planning Organization of the Philippines) shone and gave their support to the survivors.

Volunteers of FPOP served 23 evacuations sites in Cagayan De Oro. They are the reasons why a lot of pregnant and lactating mothers who were affected by Typhoon Sendong are now using Hygiene Kits and Clean Delivery Kits because this group of great young volunteers of FPOP tirelessly helped in the distribution of Kits in every Evacuation Camps in Cagayan De Oro.

“Whatever Gender I have, in time of crisis I will surely help those in need.” verbalized by one of the Youth Volunteers in this photo. They were doing Needs Assessment on Sex and Gender Based Violence in the Evacuation Camp.

Youth in Action: Taken from one of the Evacuation Camps, Youth Volunteers doing Focus Group Discussion among target young people aged 10 – 24.

What else can you do during emergency times in relation to SRHR? 😀

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