Eliminate discrimination against women (IPPF Vision 2020)



Norway’s youngest and first female prime minister (MANDY MCANALLY), and a leader in many other capacities, you are an extraordinary example of how women can lead and change the world. What is your message to global leaders today who wield the power to give girls and women opportunities to reach their goals, particularly as we think about post-2015?

VISION 2020 (3) IPPF calls on governments to:

– Empower women economically by investing in policies and programmes that
reduce the time burdens of women and girls; increase access to economic
opportunities, close the gender gap in earnings and occupational segregation;
and guarantee women’s and girl’s property and inheritance rights, including
the right to own land, secure loans, etc;
– Expand educational opportunities for all, close gender-related education gaps
at all levels, including higher education, and adopt comprehensive sexuality
education to eliminate discrimination against women and girls and facilitate the
development of the skills they need to protect themselves from sexual abuse,
HIV and other sexually transmitted infections;
– Reduce all forms of violence against women and girls – including in conflict
situations – by adopting and enforcing national laws to prevent violence and
punish violations; eliminating forced child marriage; combating son preference;
and promoting public awareness campaigns on these issues;
– Respect, protect and fulfill all women’s human rights, especially sexual rights
and reproductive rights, without which the ability to exercise other rights is
significantly constrained. Create an enabling environment for the exercise of
those rights, including equal and full participation in parliamentary and other
policy making processes.

Continue read the article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/skollworldforum/2013/05/29/it-is-time-to-stop-discrimination-against-girls-and-women/


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