Norhidayah Nadila, FRHAM – Malaysia

Name : Norhidayah Nadila Maulad Daud

Nickname : Dila

Birthday : 25 June 1990

Favourite book : I don’t have any specific, I read all.

Favourite music : I can listen to all kind of music except metal, rock and all that related to screaming type of music.

Twitter : dila2lala

Facebook :

How do you describe yourself?

A happy go lucky type of person. Cheerful and talkative. I’m very optimist and positive in handling my everyday routine and also people around me. I love to help people who are in need and always persuade myself to be non judgmental towards anyone. I love to learn new things and I really like challenges because learning how to overcome challenges teach me the true meaning of life.

What do you want to be when you’re still a child? Why?

When I was a child I always wanted to be an astronaut. This is because I want to travel and explore our universe as well as enjoy the beauty. They say that earth is in circle form so I want to see it to believe their word.

What makes you work in this field? Why?

At first, I joined the workshop just for fun and to spend my free time in a n useful ways. Then I began to go to juvenile schools, juvenile homes, orphanage homes and I began to see that the resident from these homes and schools need help. They need information, they need support and the most importantly they needed someone that they can talk to regarding their personal matters and about sexual and reproductive health. There are so many people out there talking about religion, crime, and environment but there are so few people who speak and advocate for sexual reproductive health continue to volunteer in this field because I think it is not too late to save what I can for a better future of young people in our country.

How long have you been work within your MA?

For about 3 years.

What is your role within your MA?

I’m the Youth Coordinator for Melaka state. I’m also the Youth Chairperson and a Youth Member in Executive Committee.

What is the ideal world for young people’s SRHR that you imagine and could be realistic within your country?

In my very opinion, the ideal world for young people in SRHR is rights to make decision and right to be heard in the matter related to SRHR. Giving youth right based information to choose and decide on their Sexual reproductive health needs.

What is the biggest challenge in working with your MA?

Up until now, I don’t have any problem working with my MA because we always discuss and they give us the right to make decisions related youth SRHR programs

What is the most memorable moment during working with your MA?

The most memorable moment is during workshop because during this time we will come out with various ideas and help each other and enjoy our facilitating sessions with the youth and children

What specific issue in youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights that interest you most? Why?

The most specific issues in youth SRHR are unintended pregnancy and HIV&AIDS. The reason why I am so interested of these topics because these are the problem that the world is facing right now. The case is increasing each year and we must address and response to this issue in large scale efforts to prevent it spreading all over the world.

Mention 3 famous people that you want to meet and what question will you ask to her/him?

1)      Mahatma Gandhi : What can we do to make the world a better place?

2)      Aung San Suu Kyi : Where did you get all the strength to fight for democracy in Myammar? What makes you as a woman dare enough to do that?

3)      Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad : I just want to meet him and tell him how impressed I am with him because he kept Malaysia peaceful for about 22 years.


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