Seng Seamrong, RHAC – Cambodia

Full name: Seng Seamrong

Birthday: 13th April 1993

Favorite book: related to reproductive health and leadership

Favorite music: Romantic


How do you describe yourself?

My name is Seng Seamrong. I am 19 years old. I am a peer educator in RHAC since 2011. My duty is to educate young people in the community in order to promote and share educations related to reproductive health

What do you want to be when you’re still a child? Why?

When I am still a child, what I want to do is: I want to know everything around me especially information and education related to health. This is because I want to understand everything before I get old

What makes you work in SRHR field? Why?

I become peer educator because of my friend in which she is also a peer educator. Later on I realize that it’s very useful for me and young people around me

How long have you been working within your MA – RHAC?

I have been working with RHAC for one year

What is your role within your MA – RHAC?

Peer educator; to share some knowledge to young people related to reproductive health

What is the ideal world for young people’s SRHR that you imagine and could be realistic within your country?

All young people have enough knowledge and understand clearly everything around them and understand clearly about affection and how to prevent themselves.

What is the biggest challenge in working with your MA?

Youth participation in which in my country young people are still too shy.

What is the most memorable moment during working with your MA?

When I shared my knowledge to young people

What specific issue in young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights that interest you most? Why?

  • HIV and AIDS
  • Right to equality and participation
  • Sexual rights; same sex marriages and rights to have an equal treatment
  • Youth friendly services

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