Uyanga Bat-Erdene, MFWA – Mongolia

Full name: Uyanga Bat-Erdene

Birthday: 1st May 1992

Favorite book: elephant man

Favorite music: yiruma – kiss the rain


How do you describe yourself?

I am a ballerina dancer and ballet is my life

What do you want to be when you’re still a child? Why?

When I am still a child, I wanted to be a teacher of Kindergarten because I don’t know that life has so many choices of jobs.

What makes you work in SRHR field? Why?

My mother makes me work in this field because she is a doctor. She always gives me glossary and handbook about sexual and reproductive health

How long have you been working within your MA – MFWA?

More than one year

What is your role within your MA – MFWA?


What is the most memorable moment during working with your MA?

When I start to join my MA, our program officer and executive director congratulate me and clap their hands

What specific issue in young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights that interest you most? Why?

Family planning and contraceptive methods

Mention people that you want to meet and what question will you ask to her/him?

  • Ben Affleck – I love him and he’s attractive!
  • Kahi, Korean singer and dancer – how can you look younger even though you’re 30 years old?

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