Vision 2020 no.2: Increase access to sexual and reproductive health and rights in order to close the gap between the top and bottom wealth quintiles by 50% by the year 2020

(ISSUE) World Health Organization – SRH/HIV: Access to and coverage of services

By minimizing missed opportunities we can increase access and coverage of services for more people including vulnerable populations, and ensure services for people living with HIV that meet their needs and respect their rights.

Country case studies

Linkages between sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV

These case studies demonstrate the two-way flow between sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS health-care services and reflect the diversity of integration models. They provide a brief overview that shows why the decision to integrate was taken, by whom, and what actions were needed to make it happen. The intention is to share some of the experience and lessons learnt that may be useful to others who wish to consider actions to strengthen this integration.

VISION 2020 (2) – IPPF calls on governments to:

–          Invest in educational and other programmes aimed at empowering young women and girls in particular to make informed choices, and demand accountability from service providers;

–          Create a legal and policy environment with social protection and justice measures that render sexual and reproductive health services economically accessible to poor and marginalized groups, aimed at ensuring greater progress amongst the poorest relative to the wealthiest quintile so as to significantly reduce the gap that currently exists between them;

–          Improve supply chain management, human, technical and other resources in order to minimize stock-outs and ensure the timely availability of commodities, including emergency contraceptives, of the highest possible quality at a cost that represents value for money within the context of the provision of affordable sustainable services;

–          Support innovative technologies, service delivery approaches, etc to reach young people and the poor; and also support civil society organizations that address the needs of the most vulnerable.

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Can you imagine a world without sexual rights?

This short thought-provoking film imagines a world without sexual rights and the devastating impact that would have on the lives of young people.

‘Dead End Kids’, a campaigning film for The International Planned Parenthood Federation, has won an IVCA (International Video and Communication) Clarion Award in the Charity and Social Enterprise category, beating stiff competition from major campaigning organisations.
Shot in one day in east London with a diverse cast of nine young people, the film covers a range of topical issues including: access to sexual and reproductive health services for young people, rape, gender-based violence, stigma and HIV, living with a disability and sex trafficking.

FPOP SocSarGen chapter thru INTERACT GenSan commemorates International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

May 18, 2012- Family Planning Organization of the Philippines thru INTERACT GenSan- a network composed of young leaders from different young people organizations advocating ASRH initiated an activity in line with the celebration of International HIV/AIDS Candlelight Memorial at Sangguniang Panlungsod Learning Center of General Santos City.

The event was participated by the young leaders from Teen Support Group (TSG), RCR Foundation, Pag-asa Youth Association of the Philippines (PYAP), Young Development Leaders per district in the city, Peer Facilitator’s Society of Mindanao Polytechnic College and SK kagawads of Barangay North. The event with the theme “Promoting Health and Dignity Together” aimed to promote respect and dignity and to uphold and protect the rights of people living with HIV. Further, it commemorates those people who died with AIDS.

Highlights of the event include the discussion on STI, HIV and AIDS, workshop (Power Walk) On Understanding Stigma and Discrimination, the city and youth’s commitment on eradicating social stigma and discrimination, and the Candle lighting ceremony.

Dra. Mely Lastimoso, Medical Health Officer V of City Health Office, and Social Hygiene Clinic Head of the city graced the invitation to talk about STI, HIV and AIDS. Dra. Lastimoso discussed the different ways and means to protect one’s self from HIV/ AIDS and she also gave emphasis on the ADCDE method. Further, she encouraged all the participants for free testing at the Social Hygiene Clinic.

After the discussion was the activity on Understanding Stigma and Discrimination thru a Power Walk. Ten characters in the society were portrayed in the activity. Statements regarding access to plenty information on STI, HIV and AIDS, access to treatment, care and support, access to quality Health care services and youth friendly medical services were asked during the activity. At the end, the participants were delighted because they were able to determine their power in the society based on the given character. “Our society is very judgmental. And so, there is an unequal perception and treatment between people from the higher class and the lower class”, Grace, one of the participants noted.

After the activity, an inspirational message was given thru a voice recording by Vice-Mayor Shirlyn Nograles on the city’s commitment to eradicate social stigma and discrimination on PLHIV. Further, her message was discussed thoroughly by a representative from her office. She noted that the city has a program on the treatment, care and support on PLHIV. She also appreciated the role of FPOP thru the youth network for its massive campaign to combat HIV/ AIDS.

Following the message, was the rationale presentation why IACM was celebrated every third week of month of May in respect of those people who died with AIDS. The candle lighting ceremony was facilitated by Christopher Peñales, the Chapter Program Manager. He began by letting the participants form a circle around the red ribbon- symbol of AIDS. He then asked the young ones to offer a prayer to those who have died w/ AIDS. After which, each candle was lighted and everyone gave their simple commitment to fight stigma and discrimination on PLHIV. Right after each participant gave his/her commitment, the candle was then put into a ribbon forming the symbol of AIDS.

Moreover, the activity ended with delight on each other’s faces as they signed and wrote a message on a shirt for their pledge of commitments. “I was amazed. Now even at my young age, I can do something to combat and raise awareness against HIV/AIDS thus to contribute to MDG to halt HIV/ AIDS. In my own little ways, I will be an HIV/AIDS advocate”, James, a participant remarked.

Let the music unite us in combating HIV and AIDS!

What can music do to set our world free from HIV and AIDS? We agree that music is a universal  language and it can cross any borders in combating HIV and AIDS as a global pandemic. VFHA, Vanuatu Family Health Association, our Member Association from Vanuatu has combined a music competition, Reggae Faea, with a campaign to end HIV and AIDS in Port Vila. This event was organised by young people to campaign for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues affecting young people in their community.

Before conducting this event, the organiser worked with many stakeholders. This event was intended not only to promote SRHR but also to support local unreleased bands! Besides that, young people from VFHA also worked to find sponsors to make sure Reggae FAEA can be held with  sufficient funding. Reggae Faea is a Youth initiative that is born under the Vanuatu Family Health Association’s Port Vila Project Site and is organized and run by youth volunteers. This project initiative is a good evidence that showcase good cooperation with young people is a must to strengthen youth  adult partnership.

Reggae Faea is an annual event in Vanuatu and is determined to be developed and upgraded in the years to come. Each year local bands are allowed to compose a song based on a given theme. The songs are judged by four judges, 2 experienced health professionals & 2 professional musicians.

This year’s  theme was “Getting to Zero” which is in line with the World AIDS Day’s theme. The winner of the competition was Young Life, received a 3 year term shield + 25,000VT (271 USD) Cash, followed by Tribal Chant with 15,000VT (162 USD) and Konserners with 10,000VT (108 USD).

The success of this event was achieved through the commitment of hard working youth volunteers  and with the cooperation of generous Sponsors and working partners. Thanks to PDF ( Pacific Development Foundation), The Vanuatu Ministry of Health HIV and AIDS unit, World AIDS day donors, Fes Napuan, Master Sounds, VFHA administration, MP Ralph Regenvanu, Naviti Internet Café, Paradise FM, Wilco, FM 107, The Reggae Faea Committee, Volunteers,  and Participating bands mentioned below and the crowd that swarmed in big groups to  be the audience!

Participants for this year were: Young Life, Konserners, Masamp crews, Shanty towns, Cool System, Antz in Tokyo, Tribal Chant, Ruff Haus, Smol Haus, Reggae Royalties & Lady Jersenals. What else can you do with music, guys?  😀