Filitonu: Educating young people on SRHR through drama performance

Young people are vulnerable group of people in terms of having access to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information and services. Although there are  many  efforts  taken to address this problem, but have you ever considered that drama performance could be a powerful tool in helping young people to realize the importance of them having accurate knowledge and access to SRHR?

Filitonu, formed since year 2000 is a drama group which is a part of the Adolescent Reproductive Health project by Tonga Family Health Asscotiation (TFHA), Member Association of IPPF ESEAOR,. Filitonu means ‘right choice’ in Tonga language. The drama group delivers performances to Tongan schools and communities that explore issues affecting young people: sexual health, violence, teen pregnancy, and alcoholism. They also perform entertainments at variety of  local events to raise young people’s awareness on SRHR!

Filitonu is led by young people and open for young people who is interested to join! So far, Filitonu had run some programs both internally and externally. Here are some of them:

Drama Training

A few months ago, Filitonu received a training in drama, from a troupe of New Caledonian actors from Pacifique et Compagnie. The training focused on making every movement a choice, building characters and improving improvisations. These skills will help Filtonu’s ability to make quality performances, capable of educating audiences about STIs, Family Planning and other issues such as Domestic Violence, Teenage Pregnancy and Responsible drinking.

World no tobacco day

Filitonu visited schools around Tonga’s capital city, Nuku’alofa, to perform dramas, songs and information about tobacco. The drama taught student about the negative effects of smoking and its legal consequences for youth under 18  purchasing cigarettes

World Health Day

For this day, Filitonu created a movie titled “DOCDOR SAID”. The project is a joint project with other organization related to health issues. In this day, Filitonu got a chance to entertain the Minister of Health ‘Uliti Uata during lunch time refreshment with some songs.

World AIDS Day

AIDS is a global matter and have a strong connection to young people. The Filitonu drama group performed dramas about HIV AIDS during World AIDS Day. They performed to a full house, showcasing their repertoire of dramas that promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy sexual choices. “Use a condom, don’t use me!” said Filitonu performer, Sefa Tuita.

What do you think of their programmes? We agree with Filitonu group in promoting SRHR awareness through  drama. Don’t you feel that  issues related to SRHR in real life is also full of dramas? Why don’t we  encourage  SRHR & HIV AIDS awareness reaching young people in a creative way with positive messages? 😀 You can learn about and follow filitonu in this link!

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