Engage young people in all policy decisions affecting their lives (vision 2020)


The breakdancing condom consultant: Dennis from Bosnia


A champion breakdancer and home-town celebrity can end up with a pretty dissolute social life. Nightclubs, drinking, one-night stands: it’s not an entirely unsurprising story. In Bosnia, it’s one which breakdancer Dennis certainly experienced.

But contact with the Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health XY (the Member Association in Bosnia and Herzegovnia) led him to rethink his lifestyle and consider the people around him.


IPPF calls on governments to:

– Expand opportunities for youth to participate and voice their opinion, for

example in national youth councils, youth fora, community service initiatives,

online activism and other avenues which enable young people to make their

voices heard within civil society, and to be heard by policy makers;

– Promote laws, policies and programmes that protect the rights of young

people, recognize diversity within this age-group, including rural and urban

young people, those living with disabilities, etc., and enable them to overcome

barriers to essential services;

– Ensure the availability of education and employment opportunities to enable

young people to contribute effectively to the creative, intellectual and

economic development of their communities and countries;

– Increase investment in the education, health and wellbeing of young people

from all social, political and economic backgrounds to enable their meaningful

participation in the shaping of the future of their communities, cultures and


– Step up the fight against poverty and inequity through child-sensitive

programmes to provide opportunities for young people that allow their full

development and prevent their being prematurely catapulted into adulthood.


Read More at : http://www.ippf.org/western-hemisphere/our-work/stories/volunteers/breakdancing-condom-consultant-dennis-bosnia


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