10 Days of Activism from Mongolia!

During 1st – 1oth September 2012, YPEER Youth Peer Educator Network held a worldwide campaign on 10 Days of Activism! Under the theme “Nothing for Us Without Us”, Y-PEER in more than 20 countries worldwide conduct this activity, including YSNAP members in Mongolia!  Kudos to young people and youth SRHR activist in Mongolia!

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“Nothing For Us Without Us” Young people raise their voices and stand up for their rights


27.12. 2012

CONTACT:    10 Days of activism coordinators


“Nothing For Us Without Us”

Young people raise their voices and stand up for their rights


With half of the world’s population under the age of 25, young people from all around the world are coming together to influence their governments, organizations and community leaders to accept and engage young people as  meaningful  partners in the decision making bodies and processes that affect their sexual and reproductıve health and rights.


Under the theme “Nothing for Us Without Us”, Y-PEER (Youth Peer Education Network) in partnership with organizations and individuals from around the globe working with young people is launching the third annual “10 Days of Activisim” (10 DoA) campaign from 1st to 10th September, 2012.  In last year’s 10DoA, young people in 20 countries reported over 230 activities which reached more than 10,700 people. The goal for this year is to reach young people in 50 countries including young people in school, out of school, young key affected population and marginalized youths. From outreach to advocacy efforts, young people will raise their voices about their needs and rights that are critical to a rights-based, youth centered agenda at the national and global level. Joint international campaigns, such as these, not only help get targeted groups’ attention regarding pressing issues, but also inspire young activists to be part of a global movement.


“Young people need to stand for their Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights, in order to do that, they need to be empowered and equipped with the right tools, as well as exposed to different experiences and best practices, and that’s exactly what 10DoA offers to young people, providing this global platform to learn from each other and unite our global efforts for one cause!” said Dina Jaffary Y-PEER International Coordinator, Syria.


In addition to the youth lead activities, “10 DoA” will gather 30 stories about young people living around the world to encourage others to participate in the campaign and share their experiences. The stories will be shared on Y-PEER’s Facebook page, 10DoA website and shared on Twitter via @YPEER . Young people and activists are encouraged to share and comment on the stories, and can also join the conversation using #10DoA.


For 10 days, young people will be strengthening dialogue with local government representatives, leading seminars, participating in radio and TV shows, organizing photo and video contests and much more. All of these activities will be shared and promoted through major social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) to bring international attention to local level efforts and actions. Daily updates, articles, videos and photos will also be shared on the “10 Days of Action” website.


If you are interested to join us and be part of the global youth-led movement, please contact “10 Days of Activism” Coordinators at 10daysofactivism@gmail.com.