Maria Helen Teu, TFHA – Tonga

Full name: Maria Helen Teu

Nickname: Leni

Birthday: 20th June 1990

Favorite book: romantic stories

Favorite music: country music


How do you describe yourself?

I am a kind of person that sometimes talk less and you might think that I am shy but I am not, I am just thinking too much and try to understand things around me

What do you want to be when you’re still a child? Why?

During primary school, I wanted to be a nurse just to help people and then I wanted to be a singer when I was in high school. This is because I want to use my talent and after graduated from one of the tertiary school I wanted to be a secretary because I just love looking at people who works as a secretary. Currently I am a volunteer to Tonga Family Health Association and I am still be able to complete these things in different ways

What makes you work in SRHR field? Why?

A friend of mine invited me to one of the TFHA program and I was interested in it and decided to be a volunteer for TFHA

How long have you been working within your MA – TFHA?

I started being a volunteer on 2009, in 2010 I was chosen to be youth representative

What is your role within your MA – TFHA?

I am a youth representative to our board and also a youth representative to IPPF ESEAOR Regional Youth Forum. I am also a peer educator. Aside from it, I am also helping out implementing boys and girls life-skills program which is done every Friday and also a member of our drama group, Filitonu.

What is the ideal world for young people’s SRHR that you imagine and could be realistic within your country?

Every young people will have the right to express their sexual feelings whenever they want to without anyone interfere them especially the culture and beliefs

What is the biggest challenge in working with your MA?

The biggest challenge of working in my MA is hard to express youth’s sexual rights because of our culture and my religion. My parents disagreed when I join my MA because of Christian teachings.

What is the most memorable moment during working with your MA?

When I help lots of people and change what they are believe especially my parents. When my mom tell me something about the first HIV cases in Tonga and when I learn a lot about the rights that I have

What specific issue in young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights that interest you most? Why?

Teenage pregnancy because that is a very big issue in Tonga

Mention people that you want to meet and what question will you ask to her/him?

  • Adele – what happened to you and your ex?
  • Tom Cruise – why do you break up with your wife?
  • Prince Harry – who will be your future wife?

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