Freda Hou Rosioa, SIPPA – Solomon Islands

Full name: Freda Hou Rosioa

Birthday: 6th September 1988

Favorite music: country music

How do you describe yourself?

I am a Solomon Islander and I have brown skin and short

What do you want to be when you’re still a child? Why?

I want to be a teacher because I want to share with other kids and youths information that are important for their growth

What makes you work in SRHR field? Why?

I see the needs for young people to understand their sexuality, values, and issues affecting other people in relation to sexual and reproductive health and rights

How long have you been working within your MA – SIPPA?

I just joined my MA two months ago through community based education and distribution (CBED) program for the SIPPA volunteer

What is your role within your MA – SIPPA?

Volunteer along with other  CBED participants to help giving information on SRHR to people in general and students in their search for answering any matters related to  SRHR

What is the ideal world for young people’s SRHR that you imagine and could be realistic within your country?

The ideal world where young people and people around them really know about SRHR

What is the most memorable moment during working with your MA?

Having to attend the community based educator and distribution program for the first time with other youth volunteers and learn about sexual and reproductive health issues

What specific issue in young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights that interest you most? Why?

Sexual anatomy

Mention people that you want to meet and what question will you ask to her/him?

Nelson Mandela – what was life like for you when having to spent 20 years in jail for standing up for your own people in Africa

One thought on “Freda Hou Rosioa, SIPPA – Solomon Islands

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